Fastbraces™ use modern techniques to move the teeth. Established over 20 years ago in America, this system offers tried and tested fixed dental braces that can straighten your teeth in just 3 to 12 months.

We are proud that our dentist, Melissa Goddard, is one of the top four providers and trainers of Fastbraces™ in the world. She is a Senior Master Provider and Turbo certified and was awarded the Golden Athena award. Coined as the "Queen of Fastbraces™" by Tony Viazis, the creator of Fastbraces™, Melissa has been recognised as the fastest mover of the most complicated teeth cases.

Benefits of Fastbraces™:

  • Established for over 20 years
  • Quick results in just 3 to 12 months
  • Discreet treatment with clear ceramic brackets
  • Gentle movement, causing less impact to gums and soft tissue
  • Shorter treatment time reduces the risks associated with orthodontic treatment such as root damage and decay

Traditional orthodontic treatments move the teeth in 2 stages. First the surface tooth (crown) is moved, followed by the root. 

Fastbraces™ use a unique, patented, triangular bracket to gently move the root and teeth simultaneously. 

Fastbraces™ are safe and more comfortable than may other orthodontic systems, as it uses less force to move the teeth ensuring it is gentler on the gums and soft tissue.

Treatment is discreet too! They use clear ceramic brackets, to blend with your natural teeth, with braces often going unnoticed.

Following a course of orthodontics, the ongoing use of a retainer is recommended in order to prevent future movement of the teeth.

Fastbraces™ may not be suitable if your teeth required more complex  movement. 

To find out if Fast braces are suitable for you, please get in touch to book an initial consultation.

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Invisalign aligners are near invisible aligners requiring no tightening, no changing of wires and with no elastic bands to get in the way. 

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