Dental retainers in Sheffield

Retainers are used after you have had your teeth straightened to ensure that they remain in their new straight position. It essential that retainers are worn as recommended by your Portman Dental & Implant Clinic dentist, in order to ensure you continue to enjoy your new, straighter smile.

There are 2 main types of retainer available:

  • Bonded retainers 
  • Removable retainers

    Bonded retainers

    A bonded retainer is fixed/bonded to your teeth and is not removable. It is fixed to the inside of your teeth so it is completely discrete. As bonded retainers are a permanent fixture, your teeth will stay in their new positions and will not be able to move back to where they were before. Bonded retainers do not require any special looking after, they are very easy to clean. You will simply need to brush your teeth as normal to make sure they stay clean.

    • Discrete
    • Minimum pain
    • Easy to clean
    • It is fixed so you can’t forget to put it back in
    • The patient has to carry on attending check-ups to make sure that the retainer is still fully functional
      Bonded Retainers Sheffield Pdic

      Removable retainers

      Removable retainers can easily be taken out by the patient. The removable retainer functions in the same way as bonded retainers but they are not as discrete. 

      We recommend that you wear your retainer for 20-22 hours a day, and that you only take it out to eat, drink and brush your teeth.

      • Easy to clean
      • Retainer has to be removed to eat and drink
      • Have to remember to put retainer back in after eating or teeth will begin to shift back into their original positions
      • Retainer is visible to others

      Your Portman Dental & Implant Clinic dentist will discuss your need for retainers, and advise how long you should wear these each day (for removable retainers). Should you have any other questions, please get in touch on 0114 272 2726.

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